Paparazzi Banned from using Drones to Spy on Celebrities in Calafornia

Drone law

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation on Tuesday that prohibits the us of drones by the paparazzi to film/photo people on private property. This follows a campaign by several lawmakers an a raft of complaints by celebrities, not least Miley Cyrus and Kanye West.

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Physical invasion of privacy is now defined as flying a done over private land with the purpose of taking footage whether it be a video or picture.

Assemblyman Ian Calderon wrote the legisliate, he has been pishing for tougher drone privacy laws since August last year.

Calderon said:

“At that hearing we learned that the paparazzi have used drones for years to invade the privacy and capture pictures of public persons in their most private of activities –- despite existing law”

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Drones – Hollywood’s Must Have Gadgets

Hollywood use of drones in films

At a Wrap event Steve Amato, CEO of Contend was talking to audience members about the use of drones in the filming process:

“This is an enormous opportunity in away to tell a story for Hollywood, it’s completely changing every day.”

Drones are used for commercials, sports events, movies, news programs and many other forms of media, they truly are becoming the latest “must have” gadget on the Hollywood scene.

Amato told The Wrap that drones are “significantly cheaper than, say, helicopters. While drones can cost anywhere from $5,000-$15,000 per day, helicopter rentals can run $700 an hour, not including pilot and insurance costs. Because of that, Amato said, unmanned devices are being used as an extra camera, providing another storytelling tool for film-makers. That’s definitely where it’s going, that’s why we’re involved.”

Contend launched its own drone stand-alone unit on Tuesday, offering drone units and additional services for film-making. The company even has an in-house lab to help with the development of custom made drones for specific conditions including underwater. All of the company’s pilots are FAA certified and are professional photographers/videographers.

The company also has its own lab to build custom-made devices for specific shoots, including those underwater. The company’s pilots are FAA-certified as well as professional videographers and photographers.

Source: TheWrap


Can this Startup help the Environment by Planting 1 Billion Trees using Drones?


Deforestation currently accounts for the loss of 10 billion trees a year on a global scale.

The traditional method of planting trees by hand barely puts a dent in this number, not to mention the fact that it is expensive and time consuming.

BioCarbon Engineering thinks that it has come up with a solution to this huge environmental dilemma with the use of UAV drones. These drones would be operated in areas of large scale deforestation, quickly circumnavigating the terrain and planting new seeds at a rate that would be impossible for humans to achieve.

Expert programming would be used in what is being named a “precision planting platform” that would help tackle the global crisis.

Check out the video below for more info.

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